Print in black and white using Acrobat or Reader

Print in black and white using Acrobat or Reader

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In Acrobat XI Pro: Tools Pane > Print Production panel (if it’s not visible, use the options menu at the top right of the Tools Pane to select it). Create, edit, and sign documents with our all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution. Start free trial. I bought Adobe Acrobat XI pro so I could make a print-ready file, but their instructions are gibberish. Thank you for taking the time to explain.


Adobe acrobat pro xi black and white free download.Convert color PDF to Black & white using Adobe Acrobat


In a trapping workflow, the Ink Manager lets you set the ink density for controlling when trapping takes place, and it lets you set the correct number and sequence of inks. InDesign and Acrobat share the same Ink Manager technology.

Process ink B. Aliased Spot ink C. Spot ink. Using the Ink Manager , you can convert spot colors to process colors. When spot colors are converted to process color equivalents, they are printed as separations rather than on a single plate. To separate individual spot colors, click the ink-type icon to the left of the spot color or alias ed spot color. A process color icon appears. To change the color back to spot, click the icon again.

The icons to the left of the spot colors change to process color icons. You can map a spot color to a different spot or process color by creating an alias. An alias is useful if a document contains two similar spot colors when only one is required, or if it contains too many spot colors. You can see the effects of ink aliasing in the printed output, and you see the effects onscreen if Overprint Preview mode is on.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel. About color conversion. Convert Colors dialog box overview. Open the Convert Colors dialog box. Convert colors to a different color space.

Convert document colors. Select the conversion command that you want to edit, and then select an option from the Matching Criteria:. Object Type. Color Type. Specifies the color space of the objects to be converted. Text Size. Specifies the minimum and maximum text size for text objects to be converted. Select one of the available convert commands:. Keeps objects in the selected color space when the document is output.

Removes embedded profiles from the matching objects. Specify the conversion profile. Select the rendering intent to use for conversion. The default is Use Document Intent.

If you select any of the other intents, the selected intent overrides the document intent for the conversion. An output intent describes the color reproduction characteristics of a possible output device or production environment in which the document is printed. This choice is not available if the document does not have an output intent. Specify the pages to convert. Select any additional conversion options:. Converts device gray to CMYK. Click Ink Manager to specify the ink settings and create an ink alias.

If an alias is set up in the Ink Manager , the alias name is next to the Ink Manager button in the Convert Colors dialog box. Select a command from the list of Conversion Commands, and Move Up or Move Down to change the order of the conversion. Convert object colors. Select the objects you want to convert. Right-click the selection, and choose Properties. Click the Color tab. From the Convert To menu, choose the profile that will be the new color space of the object.

The current color space of a single object or identical color spaces for multiple objects appears at the top of the Color tab for reference. From the Rendering Intent menu, choose the translation method appropriate for the object. Optional Select any of the following conversion options:. Embeds the color profile with the object. Click Convert Colors. Remove embedded profiles from individual objects. Click Decalibrate Colors. Ink Manager overview.

Open the Ink Manager in Acrobat. IngramSpark keeps sending me these free upload coupons, trying to get me to jump ship with all my books, but they make it so darned complicated to do what Createspace does easily and for free. I bought Adobe Acrobat XI pro so I could make a print-ready file, but their instructions are gibberish. Thank you for taking the time to explain what all that gibberish means and including directions! I have done all you suggested above, but now it says that the PPI needs to be How do I increase the PPI?

If you enlarge it, it could be blurred when printed. The dpi ppi must be for print. Hi Cate, thanks for this handy preflight preset. I am producing my first book for Ingram Spark using InDesign. There are no other objects that I added to the InDesign document that I know of! Anyway, if you have a moment, it would be good to know if it is typical to have to compress the embedded fonts, or if I should look elsewhere.

It could be the font, might not be… PDFs contain compressed object streams because PDFs require several different types of compression to print various elements. Since PDF 1. Move your cursor over the document and you should be able to see the compression used in the dialog pane for each element. Dealing with images is quite the nightmare. I would say to check all your images are formatted correctly and color-profiled before they are put in the document for a start.

Are they all at dpi? Are they all CMYK? How could I fix this? My illustrator produced the PDF. If you hold down the CTRL button when you press OK on that error message you will get an explanation of the error, but it usually means the PDF is corrupted and you need to get the illustrator to go over the PDF again.

It needs to be placed inside Acrobat to work. You helped me a lot 3. Is there any downside to creating one flattened Photoshop file for an IngramSpark cover template? No, but do remember you do have to meet the requirements for PDf here too beginning October More at this link. I am very frustrated. I had the book formated to meet Ingram Spark specifications. However, I cannot upload the interior file because it is too large. There is no current help Ingram Spark. Thanks for your tool.

I seem to be getting that on all my text that is larger than about 11 points. Is this going to be a problem for IngramSpark? Aim for That did the trick for everything including normal text, headers, chapter headers, and the much larger title and half-title pages. I ran my pdf through the preflight profile and… it erased everything, so I have blank pages. If it persists, email me at editor selfpublishingreview.

Once you run the preflight make sure you also run the fixes! The PPI is one of the most difficult parts to get right and may mean you have an image in your document that is too small i. Great article — thank you so much! Can I use any of these options? Or is there another workaround that you know of? Will IS allow me to import vector shapes in this way? Or will it rasterise them, or cause other issues with the font display? You will need to import the vectors as a layer into Adobe Acrobat Pro.

You can find this function under Edit PDF, then click the three-paper stack icon on the left sidebar. I have set up a book with a lot of colour images. Some are actual dpi but three or four times that in effective dpi say, or over effective dpi. Effective is only a term used for when you scale an image in InDesign. My manuscript has several pages of colored images. The proof I received looked fine. Again, my proof copy was approved and turned out fine.

I am worried though that Amazon will reject my file when manually inspected once I hit publish. I think my original proof was in RBG and looked fine.

Is there a way to check that my images are still DPI? Sorry if this is a ramble. My main questions are: For manuscripts with colored images, what is the proper way to save your PDF to ensure the quality and resolution is best? As for images, once they are in a PDF, the resolution becomes moot. So they should be DPI before you resize and place them, i.

The data included in the original image will not be sufficient to come out crisp in the print, although it may look fine onscreen. If any image is not DPI, you should replace it with one that is. I got my proof back, and the content of the template bleeds through the artwork on the cover. Do I need to clear the template content behind the artwork or is the fact the lines and text from template are showing through just a proof artifiact and they will not be on the printed version?

Leave this field empty. What is a PDF? This shows DC Pro, but your interface may be different if you are using a different version of Acrobat. Locate the preflight package file. The profile appears in the Profiles list in the Imported Profiles group.

Optional If the profile is locked, choose Unlocked from the pop-up menu in the Preflight Edit Profile dialog box. You can edit a profile after it is unlocked. Optional If prompted, enter the password. NOTE: you will have to remove any password or security to submit your file or it will be rejected.

You can also import a preflight profile by dragging the file to the Acrobat window or Acrobat application icon. Make yourself a PDF of the file you want to use, making sure you have done this with the correct template and margins set by Ingram. Share This Story! Related Posts. April 21st, 0 Comments. February 8th, 1 Comment. October 28th, 0 Comments. August 26th, 0 Comments. August 3rd, 1 Comment.

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Thanks for your time and this article! Cate Baum November 5, at am – Reply. It should do — give it a try and let me know! GMR November 7, at am – Reply. Cate Baum February 22, at pm – Reply. Jeffrey Cameron Suhr March 26, at pm – Reply.

Nasim August 6, at am – Reply. Gaby January 7, at pm – Reply. Hi, this is a great article. Thank you for all the research you put into this I have recently published a coloring book with CS on letter format, and am now looking into publishing the same book on IS to reach international bookstores. Eric Hustvedt February 20, at pm – Reply.

Eric Hustvedt March 25, at am – Reply. Ken Priebe March 7, at am – Reply. Donna McFarland April 9, at am – Reply. Hi, Does your preflight tool work with Acrobat DC? Thank you. Anna Erishkigal April 9, at am – Reply. Louise Kane February 1, at pm – Reply. Cate Baum February 3, at am – Reply.

Curt Bianchi February 7, at pm – Reply. Cate Baum February 8, at pm – Reply. Ami February 13, at pm – Reply. Cate Baum February 17, at am – Reply. Jack Kanta April 9, at pm – Reply. Thomas April 9, at pm – Reply.


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