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Hazel eyes 3 week old baby free download. Recommended For You

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At 3 weeks old, your baby’s daily routine should include regular tummy time. Your little one might not like it at first, but it is an important way to start building their neck muscles to encourage proper development.

Keep it simple by placing your baby on the nursery rug or blanket on the floor or using a breastfeeding pillow. Just be sure to always stay near your baby and never leave them unsupervised during tummy time.

Sure, you can stare at them all day and night and change a lot of diapers, but you might both need a little more stimulation during the day. Three weeks is a great time to try out some new activities together, such as:. If your baby was circumcised at birth, you can continue to clean the penis with normal soap and water. By this age, the circumcision site should be healed, so if you notice any redness, pus, or drainage, be sure to have it looked at by a doctor.

If your infant is uncircumcised or has any foreskin left on the penis, you should never force the foreskin down. Until then, just clean the head of the penis as you would any other part of the body. For baby girls, you may have noticed the occasional vaginal discharge during diaper changes or bath time in the past few weeks. It can look clear, white, or blood-tinged in appearance and although it may be alarming at first, it is normal.

By this week, however, that swelling should go down. At this time, your baby might develop a clogged tear duct, called lacrimal duct obstruction, in one or both of their eyes. Clogged ducts are common in babies and will often resolve on their own by the time your baby turns one. However, in some cases, they can become infected. At 3 weeks old, your little one should be old enough to try a pacifier if you would like to introduce one. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends trying it because studies have shown that pacifier use is associated with a lower incidence of SIDS.

Not all babies will necessarily want to use a pacifier, so never force it. Although newborn babies will grow at tremendous rates the entire first year , you may notice a slight decrease in feeding frequency from last week. Remember, your baby went through a growth spurt in week two. This week, your baby should still be fed on demand and nursing sessions can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a full hour.

Vitamin D supplements are so important to your newborn baby if you are breastfeeding because breast milk does not naturally contain the adequate levels of vitamin D your baby needs. Vitamin D deficiency can be extremely serious for newborn babies, especially as their bones continue to grow. By week three, if you are nursing and plan to feed your baby from a bottle at all, whether to return to work or simply have a bottle as an option, you may want to start pumping to establish a frozen breast milk supply.

Consider pumping after you feed your baby, but only if you are sure they have finished eating completely. The end of a breast milk session contains a type of milk called hindmilk , which is a different composition than the milk at the beginning of a feed.

Use freezer-safe breast milk storage and label all of your breast milk once it’s stored so you know when it was pumped. This week, your baby should still be sleeping the majority of the time, around hours per day. You can continue to try to introduce sleep cues, such as bath time or reading baby books, but establishing a strict sleep schedule is probably not the best idea just yet.

Continue to let your baby lead the way for sleep during these first few weeks. Many 3-week-old babies enjoy being swaddled to calm down or go to sleep. If you swaddle your 3-week-old, make sure you only lay them down on their backs to go to sleep. The AAP also suggests that parents swaddle snuggly around the chest and looser around the hips to prevent making any cases of hip dysplasia worse. Any lingering jaundice that your baby had should be resolved by now.

If your baby appears yellow or has yellowing of the whites of the eye, skin, or appears lethargic, you should consult your pediatrician. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter.

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Well i guess only time will tell because according to DH, his eyes didn’t change to green until he was like 13 years old. My eye color: Her at 6ish weeks: What color you see in the sun or with a camera flash now: ‘.

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